Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce Development Company

Can your products be sold online? Are you willing to increase your business? Are you lacking in sales by your offline store? If yes, then Ecommerce is a way to grow your business. An Ecommerce service given by Tronic Global serves you through following ways:

  • Helps to increase your sales by reaching through eyes of people globally
  • Users can engage easily, as we help to make you popular on social sites.
  • Our services are oriented to give best results at affordable prices
  • We create flexible content management system giving you full control.
Ecommerce Website Development

How Tronic Global helps you to develop a successful Ecommerce Website:

  • Simple, clear and information oriented pages: The website is organized properly to give users a friendly navigation.
  • Effective content that convince users to buy your product.
  • Contact information is displayed clearly to increase your sale.
  • Visitors are able to distinguish each page, filter products, and checkout from pages is easy.
  • The checkout system is made highly secure and safe by Tronic Global.
  • Provide a solid hosting that helps to grow business in future.

Features given by Tronic Global for a successful Ecommerce website

  • Giving discounts and packages on popular days: Promoting the sale of products on festivals or on women’s day help to increase purchase of your product.
  • Flexibility to filter products: Users can only see the product of their choice and we send more traffic related to that product.
  • Showing complimentary product: The sale can be further enriched by engrossing visitor with related products.
  • Facility to share: Sharing links with friends helps to increase demand or sale.
  • Adding products through dynamic shopping cart
  • Tracking system: After placing an order, customers can keep a track of their order.
  • Payment Confirmation: Sending a message or e-mail of confirmation to the customer, giving details of the product that they have bought.

Back-end process of Technosiss for Ecommerce Website

  • Dashboard (powered by database)
  • Admin management
  • META Analysis & Data Control
  • Crawler Control
  • Sitemap
  • Store & Order Management
  • Tracking Code Addition and Editing